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I'm Sierra Samuel

Crafting and maintaining a memorable and engaging online presence, one that people want to return to again and again, is what I do best. My job is to tell the story of a product or business, get to the heart of its value and illustrate how it can positively impact people’s lives.  At the core of any well executed marketing campaign is a clear call-to-action, one that is consistent with the brand or story of the company and one that is congruent with the company’s overall message and business goals.  Defining the “avatar” or ideal customer and target market is crucial; being able to effectively get a company’s offer in front of the right people at the right time – essential.


A freelance Marketer and Web Designer, I offer a wide range of services including Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales Funnels, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Ads, Social Media Campaigns,  Analytics, Video Editing, Graphic Design and more!

WordPress Web Design and Customization

SEO friendly, mobile friendly and fully editable! I build sites with WordPress so you can manage your own content on your site.


I specialize in WooCommerce, an eCommerce solution that works seamlessly with WordPress.  It gives store owners and developers complete control and allows you to sell anything online beautifully.

Unlimited styles, layouts & colors

I work with premium WordPress Templates that are fully customizable to fit your needs.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves designing your website to improve its ranking in organic search results on search engine results pages. I make sure every page is optimized.

Social Media Marketing

Boost your Fans and Likes and create an engaging online presence that your customers will want to interact with.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Because it’s not enough to have an awesome website. I help bring you business and customers by driving targeted traffic using Google Adwords, and Social Media Marketing Ads.

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Email Marketing – Why Building Your List is So Important
Email marketing allows you to build relationships with customers and promote your products or services.
Let’s face it…no matter what business you’re in, building your subscriber list is essential! Email marketing allows you to build relationships with customers and promote your products or services.  When you are building your list, you aren’t just collecting emails, you’re
Choosing a WordPress Theme
My favorite WordPress Theme company is Template Monster.  Why?  Well, they have 24-hours a day, REAL tech support!  And their themes are sleek, functional, user friendly, responsive and SEO friendly.  They have a huge selection to choose from and you can
Your Website Design Worksheet
Are you ready to get started? Help me help you! Please fill out this Website Questionnaire.
Being organized and having a clear vision for what you want to accomplish with your website is crucial to your success!  That being said, you don’t have to have every detail figured out in advance.  But it is nice to

Kind Words From Happy Clients

Sierra is fun and engaging to work with; she is a ball of energy waiting to help you with your social marketing needs. She has created several websites for me, all to my specifications which were quite complex and advanced. She came to the rescue when one of my sites got hacked; and thankfully, she was able to implement some new security measures to prevent it from happening in the future. In regards to social marketing, Sierra designed and implemented several social marketing campaigns for some of my products, all with favorable results. I have also noticed that she is very honest about what she can and cannot do which is nice in this often deceitful world. I will be using her services for my next product launch. I would recommend her website building and social marketing services to anyone that needs such services.

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