Choosing a WordPress Theme

My favorite WordPress Theme company is Template Monster.  Why?  Well, they have 24-hours a day, REAL tech support!  And their themes are sleek, functional, user friendly, responsive and SEO friendly.  They have a huge selection

How to Schedule Twitter Posts or Tweets Using Hootsuite

Using HootSuite to schedule posts will allow you to generate free traffic to your blog or website. By coming up with creative tweets and hashtags, you can recycle and repurpose your content to target different groups of people. So, what I don’t recommend is tweeting the same tweet over and over again, because Twitter will consider this spam. But if you come up with creative variations of tweets that lead to the same link, you can continue to get free traffic to your posts even long after you have posted them. I like to come up with fun taglines that encourage people to engage and retweet my tweets.

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